We apologize for your inconvenience Tronic Edge is still under construction

We are an independent unique community supporting the individual to Make,Explore,Innovate,and do what ever it is that they love. We Accept and invite all ages,genders ,classes,and interests to express them selfs in what ever way they like .

we believe in hacking “taking anything and improving on it to the best of our ability “and sharing it .since our inception we declared an end to the monopoly of knowledge that we inherited through our standard education
TRONIC EDGE believes in exploring and sharing knowledge in an easily equally accessible
alternative learning environment ,and that it is the individuals fundamental right to have access to resources that aid in exploring and creating what ever their creativity desires

We attempt to detoxify society from the toxins of capitalist blind Consumerism and reconstruct a strong able and well informed self-sufficient society with free dynamic proactive innovative thinking producing real world results